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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse

     If it does come, I have my plan laid out.  Here's the plan:

     I'm thinking, of course, that there can't be an unlimited stream of them.  Also, since death was avoided the first time, they'll be decomposing faster than if it was a normal human.  So by the end of the day any zombie killed would be bones.  I'm going to be planting shitloads of trees in an area that's going to be caged in for wood to burn and such.  I'll get someone else, preferably a woman to continue the family line.  I'll teach her how to make a sword that can last for a few months minimum.  There will be at least two in the house at all times, and we'll sleep in shifts so that there can always be someone cutting zombie's heads off while the other sleeps, and while both of us are awake (which will happen for about eight hours a day) one will be making the sword.  Since steel can be re-forged as many times as you damn well want, it should provide an infinite source of swords.  Also, since according to common belief zombies can't survive without a head, decapitation should be enough to get rid of one.  So just cut its head off with the sword and it'll be destroyed.  The only issue there will be food, and if you can get one of the people to hunt while the other keeps guard for zombies that won't be much of an issue.  Eventually all of the zombies will be killed and the human race can continue as we did before.  That's my plan and I think it's pretty damned solid.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Weekend

     I haven't been posting anything lately because I've been busy.  I had band practice Tuesday and Thursday, along with a football game Friday.  All of them left me mentally drained, so I'll just post the stuff here.  My band teacher decided to have someone else learn my marching spot, which made me slightly angry because it was a Freshman he taught it to.  But oh well, that's life I guess.  Aside that I've just been playing a lot of MineCraft and Jade Dynasty.  I managed to hit 44 in two days on JD, and my MineCraft server I normally play on has been crashing five times an hour.  Thinking about levelling up my RuneScape account's wood cutting level so when/if I get membership I can construct some nice things.  A lot of music, as well.  Finished off my playlist for The Dirty Heads yesterday.  My YouTube channel is glitenin if you want to check out the playlist.  It's got their album Any Port in a Storm.

So, in all, that's everything that's been going on with me.  If you want to add me on MineCraft, my server is, and my Jade Dynasty name is Dehba on The Billows server.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I'm a Juggalo.

     I'd like to start out saying that I find it mildly funny that the first thing suggested as a correction for Juggalo was Jugular.

     That aside, I've been asked by several people over the years why someone of my intellect became a Juggalo.  I have a few reasons that I'll list here since I have nothing better to do at 4:20 AM.

     I started to listen to Juggalo music about three years ago (my Freshman year in high school.)  The first song I'd heard was Fuck the World by the Insane Clown Posse.  It was suggested to me by a Senior from that year who was section leader for the trumpets at school.  After listening to that song a few times I'd gotten into the album it's on, which is The Amazing Jeckel Brothers.  I slowly got interested in the rest of the Joker Card series of albums that ICP had made.  I became a Juggalo around December of my Freshman year in high school, and I've been one ever since.  Never looked back and thought that it was a bad choice.  That's one lesson you have to learn from life:  Do nothing you'll regret and regret nothing you do.  That's how I live, and aside the fact that school's still driving me nuts, I'm a pretty happy guy.

     After I became a Juggalo, I started to study things involving ICP's music and now I'm to the point where I can list you every joker's card, the track listing to it, how long it is, and what year it came out.  I'm a good learner, even though I'm more than likely becoming a high school drop-out.  But, back to the topic, after I learned ICP like the back of my hand I started listening to Anybody Killa (ABK), then Blaze Ya Dead Homie (Blaze), then Dark Lotus (Lotus), then Axe Murder Boyz (AMB).  I've sidetracked to other artists like Sublime, Tech N9ne, The Dirty Heads, Etcetera, Etcetera.  They're all good artists, I suggest anyone reading this look them up sometime.

     I think the reason I've stayed a Juggalo so long, though, is because it offers a sense of family that I've never really had.  My dad left the state when I was five, and every time I talk to him he's drunk off his ass and yelling.  My mom was just never there for me.  My grandmother died a couple years back.  My great grandma drives me up a wall constantly (which is why I sleep from 6 PM to 2 AM.)  My aunt was there for me for a while, and still is to an extent.  But that's just about it.  Other than that, I have a close friend who I call my sister on occasion.

     So, for all of you wondering why I'm a Juggalo, and why I stick by being a Juggalo, here you are.