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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse

     If it does come, I have my plan laid out.  Here's the plan:

     I'm thinking, of course, that there can't be an unlimited stream of them.  Also, since death was avoided the first time, they'll be decomposing faster than if it was a normal human.  So by the end of the day any zombie killed would be bones.  I'm going to be planting shitloads of trees in an area that's going to be caged in for wood to burn and such.  I'll get someone else, preferably a woman to continue the family line.  I'll teach her how to make a sword that can last for a few months minimum.  There will be at least two in the house at all times, and we'll sleep in shifts so that there can always be someone cutting zombie's heads off while the other sleeps, and while both of us are awake (which will happen for about eight hours a day) one will be making the sword.  Since steel can be re-forged as many times as you damn well want, it should provide an infinite source of swords.  Also, since according to common belief zombies can't survive without a head, decapitation should be enough to get rid of one.  So just cut its head off with the sword and it'll be destroyed.  The only issue there will be food, and if you can get one of the people to hunt while the other keeps guard for zombies that won't be much of an issue.  Eventually all of the zombies will be killed and the human race can continue as we did before.  That's my plan and I think it's pretty damned solid.

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