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Friday, June 29, 2012


The entertainers today are getting worse and worse.  It all started with Elvis, when he started watering down black music to make it safe for white people.  That's all he did, folks.  Then the big pop artists started coming in and making music softer and softer.  It's annoying to think of the great music we could have today if we hadn't had all of these ''rockers'' come into the scene and water it down for the increasing amount of political correctness.  This shit has gone on far too long for my taste.  What happened to plain language?  I may not have been alive when it was around, but I sure as hell prefer it.  Especially since most of the time we're just trying to conquer racism against niggers and indians by being racist to crackers and chinks.  That's all we're trying to do, damn it.  Have you noticed that moronically incompetent niggers get jobs over decently competent anyone else?  It's annoying to think that simply because a company doesn't want to appear ''racially insensitive'' that they give a dumb ass a job over an intelligent person.  Now, I'm not saying the white guy should always get the job over the black guy.  But if the white guy scores higher than the black guy, let him have the job.  Same rule applies vice versa.  If we want true equality, let's start actually trying for it, eh?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flag Burning

I'll never understand what people have against it.  I honestly never will.  It's just a symbol, guys, nothing more.  Burning a flag is burning a symbol.  It's like saying nigger.  It's just offending the people most of us don't want around in the first place.  You're burning a symbol which can be bought for a few dollars at almost any store and was probably mass-produced in China or Vietnam.  Speaking of, am I the only person who finds it sad that the piece of cloth we Americans hold the closest to our hearts isn't even produced in America any more?  That piece of cloth we hold so near and dear, that our soldiers ''died for'', and which could be used to make more jobs in America isn't made in America?  Even though I personally think if you're dying for a piece of cloth then you're a fucking moron, I still think it's stupid that we can't even manufacture it in the country.  I know I'm going to get flamed for the first part of that last statement, so let me clarify this.  The soldiers did not die for the flag.  They died for the country that the flag symbolises.  If they really died for a piece of cloth that could be destroyed with scissors in less than fifteen seconds, they need to get their priorities straight.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Along Comes Mary

I'm starting to really believe that people think prayer alone will do something.  I'm assuming they pray because they don't have enough money to actually do anything, so they pray to make themselves feel better.  In a lot of these tragedies you hear people say ''Our prayers are with them.''  Then you see other people donating real money to help these people, or even going over themselves to help.  Then a couple of weeks or months later, when the disaster's cleaned up and people are getting back to their normal lives, the people who prayed said ''Oh, our prayers were answered!'' while the people who actually donated or helped didn't get any credit for anything.  Why is this?  I'm thinking it's because America, being predominantly of the Abrahamic faiths, thinks that prayer will do more than money and help will.  It won't, folks.  It really, really won't.  Money will actually help pay for the materials, and volunteering will help use those materials more efficiently and effectively.  Prayer only exists to make people feel better because they're too cheap or poor to do something.  Usually too cheap.  The people who have money, but no fame are safe here.  They don't have to do anything and no one will know they didn't.  It's like that one guy in a group of people who could have helped save a man's life, but didn't.  He had no emotional connections and no real reason to, so he didn't.  He isn't wrong for not doing it, but we all assume he is.  There is nothing morally or lawfully wrong with letting some guy get shot in the face if you had a chance to stop it.  Some people wouldn't do it because they didn't want the fame, others because they had people at home to take care of and didn't want to risk their lives, and others still because they just didn't want to risk their lives for a person they didn't know.  Just as there are people who do good things just for the fame, there are people who don't because they don't want the fame.  They hit both ends of the spectrum, and neither of them are wrong.

Friday, June 22, 2012


I've known they were corrupt, but I didn't realize they were this stupid.  They patted down a nude woman.  She was naked and they patted her down.  I want to make sure you understand this.  They used a search that is usually used to find things hidden under clothes without her having clothes.  What the hell are these people smoking?  They brought her into the station naked.  But on the ride to the station they decided to use a tart for her to sit on so she wouldn't get paint on the car.  They arrested her because they were ''unnerved'' by her taking her panties off.  Are these people gay?  Seriously, what kind of guys get unnerved by a girl taking her panties off.  I think they were just looking for a reason to touch a nude model.  This is just really stupid.  They made her sit naked in the police station for fifteen minutes completely naked.  Then they gave her clothes back.  After she got dressed they got a female officer to pat her down.  What was the use in that?  They handled her just fine when she was completely naked, but not when she had all of her clothes on?  I really think these guys are gay.  My head's starting to hurt from the stupidity, so I'll just end this hear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Transferring the Blame

I was reading some news website and I saw an article that interested me.  After reading it I realized that the whole deal was stupid.  Some guy in his fifties managed to withdraw 1.5 million dollars USD from his bank account due to a glitch.  He wound up getting 15 years for it.  Now, this is all fine and dandy, but they said the reason he didn't get more is because the bank he withdrew said money from didn't stop him.  So it's their fault that some fifty year old jack-off withdrew 1.5 million from their bank.  I mean, I think they should have caught it and stopped it, but the blame isn't solely theirs, it's not even half their fault.  If the man showed a little restraint while withdrawing money that wasn't his and then gambling it away, we wouldn't be in this situation.  The bank didn't break the law for once, the man who took the money did.  I'll admit that it was a substantial amount of money and they should have noticed, but it still isn't the bank's fault for letting it happen.  As long as the people who had their money in the bank don't have it fucked with, though, I don't really have an issue with this.  Exploiting glitches isn't just illegal in games, people.  It's illegal in real life, too.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I've noticed that most of the games I play are only focussed on making the money and not making the players at least decently happy.  There's no ''happy median''  You have to pay to play or suffer.  It sucks, honestly.  For the ''mediocre'' equipment in one game, you have to spend thousands of dollars in real life money.  To get items showing that you've maxed your skills in another you have to pay to get to the place where you can get them.  Again, real life money.  What happened to games being just for the entertainment and not for the money?  We really need to stop this, it's getting on everyone's nerves.  Everyone I know, at least.  And I know that they're doing us all a favour by making it free to play with pay to play options, but if you're going to make it a free to play game then don't make most options pay to play.  If you wanted to do that, make a trial like WoW did.  I may hate that particular game, but at least they're honest with their money-grubbing ways.  I have so much more to say, but I won't out.  Want a reason?  Because I won't.

Friday, June 15, 2012


People are beginning to piss me off.  Anyone else having this issue?  I mean, really, it's getting out of hand.  Girls lying, which is very common.  Old people thinking they can help with things they know nothing about, which is even more common.  I know I'll get flamed for that last sentence, but there are some old people who don't know everything.  In fact, most of them don't know anything, much less everything.  Here's an example.  My great grandmother has never smoked in her life, alright?  She told me today that the reason I smoked so much is because I smoke at night.  Everyone I know tends to smoke less at night, myself included.  I smoke one every few hours rather than every hour.  I'm not sure why, though.  But a non-smoker giving you advice on anything related to smoking is like someone who's 500 lbs giving you advice on how to lose weight.  Someone who's apparently never done what they're trying to advise you on, and even if they did, it apparently didn't work.  The worst part is that most of this general anger I have towards the human race can be prevented by using common sense, which is essentially a super power nowadays.  Can we all just pick up a book and read from time to time?  We might actually learn something if we do.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

America's Young Obsession

Did you ever notice that America is obsessed with staying young?  I mean, it isn't just us.  I don't even think it started with us, honestly.  Regardless of all of that, we've made it as big as it is.  It also sickens me.  We're getting surgeries to remove every single sign of aging while we always say ''With age comes wisdom.''  Seems kind of contradictory to me.  We're also hiding our 'wisdom' with our own nation-wide stupidity.  I'm assuming this stems from our fear of being old and dying.  It's kind of sad, really.  We all know we're all going to die, why can't we just accept it?  It's not just the surgeries and the make up any more, either.  Women have been shaving their crotches for years, now.  Almost a century, I believe.  And now even guys are doing it.  Guys are shaving their arms, legs, faces, and in some cases even their crotches.  That's honestly kind of screwed up if you ask me.  I mean, what's the point?  There is none.  And I'm saying the same for females.  There's literally no use in shaving ANYTHING on your body.  It's pure aesthetics and stupidity.  I mean, I've never had sex, but it would seem to me that it would feel like you're fucking a girl who hasn't hit puberty.  And guys are supposed to be attracted to younger girls by nature since that's when they're just hitting puberty, but we're sentient beings now, it's time to move on with that.  I don't really have much else to say on this topic, really, so I'll drop this off here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ex-football players

I heard this on the news Friday that a bunch of ex-football players are suing the NFL because they weren't told that concussions resulting from football injuries can lead to long-term damage.  Isn't this common sense?  Seriously, what the hell? Common sense should tell you that if you abuse your brain for long enough in that type of physical manner that there will be some long-term side effects from it.  It's essentially like suing your cross-country team because they didn't tell you that if you didn't run properly you'd probably mess your knee up.  It's common sense.  I'm expecting to hear them suing big companies for stupid stuff.  Like someone suing a company that puts a ton of saturated fat and other unhealthy stuff in their canned foods and then someone had a heart attack after eating it.  Even though they put the 500 grams of saturated fat and 600 grams of sugar per serving on the nutrition label.  Use your common sense, people.  Repeated stress and injuries are not good for any part of your body.  Especially the brain.  I have to admit, this was the first time I legitimately thought ''I don't want to live on this planet any more.''  If you don't hear from me again for a while, I'll be building a rocket ship.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Am I the only person who thinks there should be a few more of them?  I mean, I was bullied most of my school years, but I didn't give a fuck.  I gave them more reasons to bully me.  I mean, why not?  Hell, give them ammo for the hell of it to see how they use it.  Seriously, though, the people who get bullied and commit suicide over it deserve to die.  I may sound hostile because of that, but man, it's true.  If you feel that other people simply teasing you or throwing you in a trash can or even beating you is worth ending your life, then you're a fucking idiot.  Grow some balls, even though I know that doesn't happen in this society.  If you want it to stop, kick him in the balls.  Seriously, kick him in his god damned nuts and end his genetic malformation for the rest of history. You might save some kid's life in the future.  Who knows, if he grows up and has kids, the kid might turn out to be a mass murderer or a serial killer.  You'll be an upstanding member of society for this!  Seriously, though, defend yourself to the bully by hurting the bully worse than he hurt you, don't hurt yourself more.  Don't you see the faulty logic there?  ''Oh, this guy's hurting me at school so I'm going to cause myself more physical pain and possibly end my life!''  Yeah, sounds like perfect logic.  Grow up and grow a pair.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


What's wrong with them?  I personally see nothing wrong with them.  Before you start saying ''That's because you use them!'' or something to that effect, I don't.  But I see no problem with it.  It's a victimless crime for the most part.  You're usually at your house with a couple of friends or alone.  The only victim of this crime is yourself.  You know, like smoking.  You're the only real victim unless another person decides to stand in the way of your smoke.  But some people will start talking about the bunch of people who died doing drugs.  Usually these people are idiots, though.  Like the one guy who jumped off of a building because he thought he could fly after he got high on acid.  If he really thought he could fly, why didn't he start from the ground?  Seriously, practise common sense while doing this kind of stuff.  Then they say that weed makes you lose your motivation.  That's not true at all.  In fact, you can still do everything you want to while you're on weed but you realise it isn't worth the effort to do.  Psychedelic mushrooms are another bunch that get hell.  There's no reason to give them hell, they're found in nature without any form of chemical alteration and they don't kill you.  They just make you see things that aren't there.  Also, if you think these are bad, stop saying ''This is good shit!''  Where do you think the phrase came from?  Well, I'm going to drop this off here since there's not much more to talk about.  Drugs don't make you violent, your upbringing does.  Same thing with video games.  Sheltered people, stop trying to make us stop doing things we want to do and improve your own life.  I hope you have a pleasant day.

Monday, June 4, 2012


I don't know if I've done a post on this, but I'm doing one again if I did.  What happened to coffee?!  Why is it that you can't go into anywhere and just get a cup of black coffee, or maybe a coffee with cream/sugar?  Coffee doesn't need a menu, god damn it!  It needs a cup and that's it.  Now they have pacinos up the ass.  Frappucino, Rappucino, Frenchicino, Al Pacino.  What the hell would black coffee be, then?  A nigacino?  Seriously, this needs to end.  I honestly miss the days where they had just coffee in coffee houses.  Possibly a doughnut or a scone, but those were side attractions.  The main attraction was the coffee.  Good and black.  Classic coffee was the best, man...  I still go to indie shops once in a while if I'm near one.  And why can't you smoke in these places?  Seriously, coffee and cigarettes go together about as much as booze and smoking.  They just go hand in hand.  I'm pretty sure the people who discovered coffee were smoking something.  You can't even get a normal cup of coffee in a 7-11.  Seriously, they have two canisters in 7-11 now, I've checked. Decaf and Regular of the flavour of the month.  Not of regular coffee, of the flavour of the god damned month. Seriously, it's getting annoying.  Can we change this please?  I miss my coffee...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Smokers and Non-Smokers

There's a distinct difference in the personality of the two groups.  As a whole, smokers are a lot more pleasant to hang around than non-smokers.  My reasoning for this is simple...  Smokers don't try to shove facts about smoking down your throat right along with the smoke when you light up.  Non-smokers continually tell you to quit smoking while you still can, whereas smokers don't give a shit.  And to top all of this shit off, non-smokers want the full restaurant, bar, or everywhere else to themselves.  I can understand it to an extent, but second-hand smoke isn't that dangerous, people.  It's like peanut dust.  Unless your body's extremely sensitive to it, then you'll be fine.  And I do mean extremely.  Anything short of an allergy so sensitive that you can't even be in the same room as a peanut, then you're not going to die.  The people who shove the facts down your throat can die in a hole, too.  Seriously, who wants to live for those last ten years?  Those are the ones where you're on a rocking chair on your front porch yelling at kids.  No one wants to be that guy.  Well... almost no one.  But, regardless, it's the ones where you lose your freedom completely.  I don't think a single person wants to live like that, so why complain about smoking.  It's stupid.  Take those little facts and your complaints and shove them up your ass.  Also, if you walk into a bar where smoking is allowed and you ask someone to put out the cigarette, I hope they put it out in your eyeball and then re-light it.  I really do.

On a lighter note, I may not be posting for a while since I will most likely be moving.  Just a warning.  Have a pleasant sunrise.