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Monday, June 4, 2012


I don't know if I've done a post on this, but I'm doing one again if I did.  What happened to coffee?!  Why is it that you can't go into anywhere and just get a cup of black coffee, or maybe a coffee with cream/sugar?  Coffee doesn't need a menu, god damn it!  It needs a cup and that's it.  Now they have pacinos up the ass.  Frappucino, Rappucino, Frenchicino, Al Pacino.  What the hell would black coffee be, then?  A nigacino?  Seriously, this needs to end.  I honestly miss the days where they had just coffee in coffee houses.  Possibly a doughnut or a scone, but those were side attractions.  The main attraction was the coffee.  Good and black.  Classic coffee was the best, man...  I still go to indie shops once in a while if I'm near one.  And why can't you smoke in these places?  Seriously, coffee and cigarettes go together about as much as booze and smoking.  They just go hand in hand.  I'm pretty sure the people who discovered coffee were smoking something.  You can't even get a normal cup of coffee in a 7-11.  Seriously, they have two canisters in 7-11 now, I've checked. Decaf and Regular of the flavour of the month.  Not of regular coffee, of the flavour of the god damned month. Seriously, it's getting annoying.  Can we change this please?  I miss my coffee...

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