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Monday, June 18, 2012


I've noticed that most of the games I play are only focussed on making the money and not making the players at least decently happy.  There's no ''happy median''  You have to pay to play or suffer.  It sucks, honestly.  For the ''mediocre'' equipment in one game, you have to spend thousands of dollars in real life money.  To get items showing that you've maxed your skills in another you have to pay to get to the place where you can get them.  Again, real life money.  What happened to games being just for the entertainment and not for the money?  We really need to stop this, it's getting on everyone's nerves.  Everyone I know, at least.  And I know that they're doing us all a favour by making it free to play with pay to play options, but if you're going to make it a free to play game then don't make most options pay to play.  If you wanted to do that, make a trial like WoW did.  I may hate that particular game, but at least they're honest with their money-grubbing ways.  I have so much more to say, but I won't out.  Want a reason?  Because I won't.

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