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Friday, June 22, 2012


I've known they were corrupt, but I didn't realize they were this stupid.  They patted down a nude woman.  She was naked and they patted her down.  I want to make sure you understand this.  They used a search that is usually used to find things hidden under clothes without her having clothes.  What the hell are these people smoking?  They brought her into the station naked.  But on the ride to the station they decided to use a tart for her to sit on so she wouldn't get paint on the car.  They arrested her because they were ''unnerved'' by her taking her panties off.  Are these people gay?  Seriously, what kind of guys get unnerved by a girl taking her panties off.  I think they were just looking for a reason to touch a nude model.  This is just really stupid.  They made her sit naked in the police station for fifteen minutes completely naked.  Then they gave her clothes back.  After she got dressed they got a female officer to pat her down.  What was the use in that?  They handled her just fine when she was completely naked, but not when she had all of her clothes on?  I really think these guys are gay.  My head's starting to hurt from the stupidity, so I'll just end this hear.

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