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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I had an argument today.

     It was fairly entertaining.  It centred around children born outside of wedlock.  I posted a quote from Deuteronomy.  The argument ended there with everyone calling me an uninformed idiot.  I love it.
     Here was the quote, by the way:

"No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the LORD.  Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD."
(Deuteronomy 23:2)

     Next time you Catholics, Christians, and Jews want to have sex outside of wedlock, think of that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


     I saw this on television today, and I thought I'd do a post on it.  There's a woman who decided to say it was a choice to be a lesbian.  I personally think is true, and doesn't really matter.  She's bisexual, and she's been through both genders and she prefers women over men.  This doesn't really put the performance of men down or anything, it just means she'd rather be with a woman.  There are people who say that being homosexual isn't a choice, but I think it can be either.  There are some people who it wasn't a choice for.  A good example is a very close friend of mine.  She's deathly afraid of the male reproductive organs and doesn't want to be with a man at all.  She didn't have much of a choice with this.  The fear itself may have been associated with her last boyfriend, since he was an ass.  He didn't rape her or anything, to my knowledge, but he did use a guilt trip to get her to perform some sexual favours for him.  I personally think what he did was wrong, but that's just me.  I think a sexual favour should be something both people involved should want to do out of their own choice, be it the other person thinks they've earned it or if they just want to do it because they enjoy it.  But, back on topic, sometimes your sexuality is a choice.  If you're bisexual it's always a choice to be with a man or a woman simply because you enjoy both.  I think there're some things in both genders that're good for each person.  It's just true.
     Also, since women seem to be getting a lot more empowered lately, I'd like to say my opinion on all of this.  Women and men do play different parts in society.  It's just unavoidable.  Women were historically the primary caregivers of the hearth and home.  They took care of the husbands, they cooked the food the husbands obtained, they cleaned the house with the tools the men bought and made.  In the days before the woman's liberation movement, and before women were oppressed, women and men had an equal role in the house.  Men provided the tools and food, women used the tools to clean and used the food to cook.  I'm not saying a woman's job is less important.  I mean, a man will never be able to clean as well as a woman, simply because men aren't as good at paying attention to detail.  Women will never be able to hunt and things like that as efficiently as men because their brains weren't made to aim that well.  Men and women, in my personal opinion, play completely different roles in society, each is equally important.  I think, in a decently run world, women and men should make their lives easier if they were a bit more dependant on each other, but could live just as well without one another.  I personally think that a woman, who's with a man at least, should stay home.  Women nowadays don't want to be married because it increases their stress levels.  Some women have jobs, kids, and a home.  Their husbands have a job, kids, and a home.  That combination should never happen.  I think the man should worry about the job and keeping the home and the woman should focus on keeping the kids happy and keeping the home a home instead of just a place for your stuff.  Now, all of this being said, I'm not biased to either gender.  Humans simply could not exist without both genders.  Without men, even with the sperm banks, sperm would eventually run out.  And when it did, no more humans.  Without women the eggs would run out, as well.  They're both equally important.
     Now, I'd like to say my opinions on racism and sexism.  I don't think our differences should be ignored, because we're all different.  A woman has a vagina, a man has a penis.  Some people have black skin, some have white, some have yellow, some have brown, and I'm pretty sure at the north pole it's cold enough for them to have blue skin.  It's unavoidable.  But I don't think we should put people down for those differences, or pick them up.  I think we should realize them and put them aside at times they're not needed.  Everyone's different in their own way, it's true and will always be true.  I don't think someone should be restricted due to their colour, gender, or their sexuality, but by their intellect and physical ability.
     All that said, I'm not a racist or a sexist.  Nor am I against being homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual.  I notice people are different, but I don't insult them on that.  I insult them on how they act, because that's what I feel really matters.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mr. P... (not saying the full name for anonymity.)

Well, I'd like to start off on the topic of this.  My band teacher got fired.  Even though I'm not in school anymore due to reasons I'd rather not talk about, it still hit me hard.  He was like a father to me, in all honesty.  I've never really admitted this to anyone.  Maybe one person.  The man was the father I never had.  It was thanks to him that I learned to play the trumpet as well as I did.  No one else gave me the correct information on how to play well.  In the past four years I've gone from barely being able to hit the top note of the Bb scale all the way to hitting the double high C without any warming up.  The reason he got fired, in my opinion, isn't a reason for a teacher to get fired at all.  He followed all of the rules and was one of the best, if not the best, teacher at that school.  There was one certain teacher, and everyone from my school knows who and what I'm talking about, that has done much worse.  I was planning on going back later in the year, but now I don't think I will.  It'd be strange having someone else in front of the band taking the place of my first band teacher.  But, he's where he wants to be.  I guess he's like the Kurdt Cobain of this era.  He left and probably wouldn't want to come back to this.  So, with that...  Keep on keepin' on and keep practicing your traditional grip.  I really will miss you...

Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm downloading some new reading material.  It's research on the human psyche to achieve a goal.  If it works I'll post what it was here.  Probably not, though
(I'll be on Fly for Dope up until about 4 PM, it's 3 AM at the moment, so if you want to join I'll be on Kulashnikov.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Omegle chat log 1

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: You see, I was thinking about getting my testicles laminated.
You: Sound like a good idea?
Stranger: Oh really? Well the thing is, you have to take a wholistic approach.
Stranger: You have to consider each pro and con and eventually see what the balance shows.
Stranger: On the bright side, your balls are shiny and beautiful.
You: Well, the pros are that I'll have shiny testes.
Stranger: Unfortunately.. some females may not like that kind of thing, or guys if you're into that.
You: Nah, I'm not into guys.
You: I'm a lesbian.
Stranger: Oh cool!
You: Yep. I got the testicles off of ebay.
Stranger: so how did you acquire - ah, gotcha
Stranger: What color are they?
You: I wanted kids some day, so now I have a vagina that can shoot sperm.
You: White, but they shoot blue fluids out of my vagina.
You: I have blue skeet, you see.
Stranger: Hmm, interesting. Is it fluorescent?
You: Yes, actually.
Stranger: I've actually been doing research at my lab in Virginia about this phenomenon.
You: But that could be from the glow stick I stuck in my vagina last year.
Stranger: When exposed to the styrofoam from the package you got it in, these testicles seem to react in a way that, as you have seen, causes your ejaculate to turn blue.
Stranger: Oh, well there's that too.
Stranger: Hmmm.. Maybe.. there's a common element in the glowstick and the styrofoam.
You: The glow stick was green, though. Just the normal kind.
Stranger: Regardless, you may have just allowed me to make a breakthrough
You: So, it can't be that that's turning my ejaculate blue.
Stranger: Well, here's the thing.
Stranger: Did the glow stick WIDEN your vagina
You: No, I masturbate a lot, so I'm fairly loose. I like shoving large things in it.
You: The glow stick was only about half an inch wide.
Stranger: Hm, interesting.
Stranger: Did the glow stick break off in your vagina?
You: I'm not sure, actually.
Stranger: Did you see any leaking fluids aside from your vaginal secretions?
You: But, it has been turning my menstrual blood a glowing pink.
You: Sometimes it does turn it a glowing orange, though.
Stranger: Ahh, that's normal.
Stranger: It's a phenomenon called The Scourge of the Oompa Loompa
You: Good, I was actually worried about that.
You: Ahh. I have noticed my pubic hair turning a slight tint of green lately.
Stranger: Ohh that's nothing big
Stranger: it just means that when you're sleeping
Stranger: Heath Ledger's spirit has been eating you out
Stranger: Well, it's been a pleasure. I'm actually heading out to eat right now, thank you for your intriguing insights!
You: Ahh. Well, I'd rather it be Rosie O' Donnel.
You: Or however her name is spelled.
You: But, thank you for the information, I'll need to head out to smoke.
Stranger: Later homebooooy
You: Later.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to fix Your Sleep Rhythm

Four methods can be used to fix it that I know of, two are really effective.

The first, which is the least effective, is just to lay down at the time you want to go to sleep.  It's not effective because if you're trying to fix it, it's usually too far off to simply do that.

The next two are more effective and follow the same type of construction.  I suggest using the one that will get you to your desired sleeping time quicker.  If you're twelve hours off (as I am now) I'd use the third method because it's easier.

The second method is to fall asleep one hour before you fell asleep the day before.  If you fell asleep at 9:00 AM yesterday, go to bed at 7:00 AM today.  The reason I say 7:00 is so that you're going to be asleep a bit before 8:00 that way.  The next day you'll go to bed at 6:00 AM and so on.

The third method is to fall asleep an hour after you did the previous day.  If you fell asleep at 9:00 AM, go to sleep at 10:00 AM.  You won't need to give yourself that extra hour because you'll be more tired, so you'll fall asleep quicker.

The fourth is to just stay up until your desired time to fall asleep.  I don't suggest this one too much because you'll oversleep anyway.  If you fall asleep at 8:00 PM you'll likely wake up at 8:00 AM wondering what year it is.

With all of the above methods you'll want to keep falling asleep at that time so your body will get used of it.  If you don't get used of it, you'll simply fall back into your old habits of staying up until 12:00 AM again if you do.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anyone ever go through this shit?

Girl I was ''talking'' to for a few weeks got a girlfriend.  Now, she also said we don't talk enough.  If I'd show you the chatlogs it's a bunch of me saying ''hey'' and other greetings with her not responding.  I'd do this every couple of days because I was feeling strongly for her.  I still kind of am.  She also accused me of cheating on her with the girl she's currently dating (that situation makes no sense to begin with.)  She should know that I've spent most of my life thus far on the Internet, therefore I'm a little fucked up in the head.  I was messing with the girl's head, just for some entertainment.  Didn't even look to me like I was trying to get with her.  Just looked like someone being a friend.  So, since this morning I've been listening to both versions of the song Hurt, just because I needed something to calm my head.  It worked so far.  I was also listening to some of George Carlin's HBO specials.  Other than that, nothing's really been happening that's interesting.  Didn't write today because I don't like writing while I'm depressed or pissed.  Makes it all come out wrong, y'know?  But, yeah, uninteresting couple of days.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm writing a book

So, if I'm not posting much you know why.  I'm also crocheting and knitting a lot more.  Someone wants a sweater-vest, so I need to knit that up.  Should be finished relatively soon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sorry that I haven't been posting

I've been on games lately.  Lots of them.  Heh.  Just haven't had time to post with them, really.  My great grandmother also just got out of the hospital.  It'd be a bit more depressing if she didn't go for every little thing that happened to her, but she's fine.  Just can't have lunch meat or take out.  Nothing too serious if she does what the doctor says for once in her life, and I don't just mean medication-wise.  I'm also planning on writing a book this year because why the fuck not?  I burned the hell out of my finger yesterday, too.  Well, two days ago.  It was kind of sad that I burned it on a sparkler.  Out of all of the artillery shells, whistlers, rockets, all kind of dangerous shit I set off I burned my finger on a sparkler.  A SPARKLER.  For fuck's sake...  Well, that should be it.  Not much else to talk about that happened.  But, if you want to start on the couple of games I've been playing one's been a private server for FlyFF called Dope.  It's a nice server. is the URL if you want to.  The character I'm on more often than not is Kulashnikov.  If I ever change the name, I'll edit it into where it says my name.  So if suddenly you see I'm never on any more, check here.  The other has been Jade Dynasty, the URL to which is and it's a nice game, as well.  I've been on USA-East The Billows.  I'm on one of a few characters normally.  Lehek, Iforoxut, Binazaes, Lerakbisar, or Omeoc.  My two more commonly used characters are my Balo and my Arden.  I actually try to level those up.  On the others I just get on and do the daily quests.  So, if I don't post here too often check on one of those.  I've been on JD more than FlyFD, but for the time being I need more friends on FlyFD because I need to get my friend's stuff and I need to be in a party to get it.  So, if you join it, post on here and I'll add you (I will happily help you with your equipment.  Hell, I'll get you full +10 Dryad with +10 weapon/shield if you want.  Anything helps!)  There's your incentive to join.  I probably won't be able to help the Mercenary classes because of the hell you have to go through to get their sets, but I'll help with the weapons.  I need something to do on there.  Okay, I'm starting to ramble, so I'll stop here.  Add me on FlyFD and JD please!