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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sorry that I haven't been posting

I've been on games lately.  Lots of them.  Heh.  Just haven't had time to post with them, really.  My great grandmother also just got out of the hospital.  It'd be a bit more depressing if she didn't go for every little thing that happened to her, but she's fine.  Just can't have lunch meat or take out.  Nothing too serious if she does what the doctor says for once in her life, and I don't just mean medication-wise.  I'm also planning on writing a book this year because why the fuck not?  I burned the hell out of my finger yesterday, too.  Well, two days ago.  It was kind of sad that I burned it on a sparkler.  Out of all of the artillery shells, whistlers, rockets, all kind of dangerous shit I set off I burned my finger on a sparkler.  A SPARKLER.  For fuck's sake...  Well, that should be it.  Not much else to talk about that happened.  But, if you want to start on the couple of games I've been playing one's been a private server for FlyFF called Dope.  It's a nice server. is the URL if you want to.  The character I'm on more often than not is Kulashnikov.  If I ever change the name, I'll edit it into where it says my name.  So if suddenly you see I'm never on any more, check here.  The other has been Jade Dynasty, the URL to which is and it's a nice game, as well.  I've been on USA-East The Billows.  I'm on one of a few characters normally.  Lehek, Iforoxut, Binazaes, Lerakbisar, or Omeoc.  My two more commonly used characters are my Balo and my Arden.  I actually try to level those up.  On the others I just get on and do the daily quests.  So, if I don't post here too often check on one of those.  I've been on JD more than FlyFD, but for the time being I need more friends on FlyFD because I need to get my friend's stuff and I need to be in a party to get it.  So, if you join it, post on here and I'll add you (I will happily help you with your equipment.  Hell, I'll get you full +10 Dryad with +10 weapon/shield if you want.  Anything helps!)  There's your incentive to join.  I probably won't be able to help the Mercenary classes because of the hell you have to go through to get their sets, but I'll help with the weapons.  I need something to do on there.  Okay, I'm starting to ramble, so I'll stop here.  Add me on FlyFD and JD please!

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