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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anyone ever go through this shit?

Girl I was ''talking'' to for a few weeks got a girlfriend.  Now, she also said we don't talk enough.  If I'd show you the chatlogs it's a bunch of me saying ''hey'' and other greetings with her not responding.  I'd do this every couple of days because I was feeling strongly for her.  I still kind of am.  She also accused me of cheating on her with the girl she's currently dating (that situation makes no sense to begin with.)  She should know that I've spent most of my life thus far on the Internet, therefore I'm a little fucked up in the head.  I was messing with the girl's head, just for some entertainment.  Didn't even look to me like I was trying to get with her.  Just looked like someone being a friend.  So, since this morning I've been listening to both versions of the song Hurt, just because I needed something to calm my head.  It worked so far.  I was also listening to some of George Carlin's HBO specials.  Other than that, nothing's really been happening that's interesting.  Didn't write today because I don't like writing while I'm depressed or pissed.  Makes it all come out wrong, y'know?  But, yeah, uninteresting couple of days.

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MynameisEarl said...

Things like these don't matter mate, just keep doing what you do best and love doing it. Stop beating around the bush and just live life.