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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I know I don't like posting more than once a day, but oh well.  I never posted what I got for Christmas.  I got:
A picture of my school's high-brass section.  Good memories there...
Yarn.  Kind of fun to work on crocheting.  Made a hat for my cousin since she's been begging for one.  Currently posting about it on Facebook quite often to torture her =P
Crochet hooks.  They come in handy with the yarn.  I wanted knitting needles, though.
Book on how to make tams.  Would be more useful if I had knitting needles.
Money.  Always useful.  Spending some of it on knitting needles.
Kindle Touch.  I love reading.  I spend a lot more time on that than on the computer.  I still crochet a lot, though.
Cologne.  I really don't know.

I need a rant.

Okay, this is directed at the Catholics and Christians out there who think they know their religion like the back of their hand.  Did you know in the Bible it clearly states slavery is okay?  It even promotes it, if my memory serves me.  Most of the historical figures in the Bible actually had multiple wives and a few whores (the proper term for it slips my mind.)  You can even ask most level-headed priests of your faith if the Bible is fact or fiction.  If they know what they're talking about, they'll respond with ''Most of it was fiction written to teach a lesson.''  Your entire religion was founded on killing.  How do you think the Catholics took the Vatican?  The Vatican is its own country, by the way.  Your Bible also focuses heavily on demeaning women, homosexuals, blacks, asians, and anything that isn't a white homosexual male.  All of you lesbian, gay, etc., etc. Catholics and Christians strongly believe you're all going to hell.  Any person who's had sex with more than one person of the opposite gender is also going to hell.  Anyone who's ever said ''OMG'' is going to hell.  Anyone who's ever stole, no matter how little, is going to hell.  Anyone who's been married more than one time is going to hell.  Your church doesn't even believe divorce exists.  If you live in a modern world and follow the modern world's rules and regulations, you're going to hell.  In fact, I think the only people who aren't going to hell are straight white males who abide the law perfectly.  If you want to go by the version of the Bible that your church originally founded itself on, you can't repent.  God hates you.  God hates you all.  All of you ''good'' Christians and Catholics out there, look at your life.  Do you support homosexuality?  Are you okay with cheating?  Stealing?  Lying?  Anything along those lines?  Have you DONE any of these things?  Hell is where you'll be residing.  I hope I've either offended, pissed off, moved, or relieved some of you in this, because this is all true to my own knowledge.  And if it isn't, I guess I'm going to hell, aren't I?  Ignorance is no excuse for a police officer, nor is it for your all-loving all-knowing ''God.''

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I got fed today

Chick messaged me on Facebook today and told me never to talk to her again.  I did nothing.  She was mad because I allegedly had a crush on her.  Never did, don't ever plan on it.  Couldn't take being her sister's brother-in-law.
Troll level seven accomplished.  Nuff said.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry that I haven't been posting

     But, I do have something to talk about.  Been contemplating this for a while and it's still in the process of being perfected, but I'm planning on making a FlyFF private server.  It won't be like the rest.  The rates won't be god, but it'll be relatively easy to level.  It will be a server more focussed around social interaction and less around levelling and killing.  It will have a 100% success rate on every upgrade and such, so you can always have +10 stuff.  The awakening system will be slightly different, as well.  It will be a bit more fair than the original FlyFF's, and a lot cheaper.  I'll post a link here once I get the server actually started, which may not be for some time.  I need a steady source of income for the server, and I need to learn some form of coding.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Battle of the Immortals quick start guide

If you're just starting Battle of the Immortals, there are things that will help you out with levelling.

     First off, you'll need to download it.  You can do this at  Download it,  install it, then create an account and log in.

     After you make the account, create a character.  Now, it doesn't matter which because you won't be using this one much.  I suggest making a heretic, though, because you WILL be getting this to level 30.  After you make the character, you'll want to log in, get the induction ID off of it.  There's a button near the bottom right of the screen.  I haven't been on in a while, so I forgot a bit about it, but it's not hard to find.  Copy it to your clipboard, log off of this character, and make a new one.  This new one will be your main, so pick a class you'll like.  There are five classes on this game as of now, I'll offer a brief description of each here:

Heretic:  The healer class.  Has buffs to increase stats.  Wisdom is their stat
Champion:  The tanking class.  Has skills to take and hold a mob's attention.  Vit is their stat.
Berzerker:  DD class.  Has skills to increase attack speed.  Physical damage.  Str is their stat.
Slayer:  DD class.  High crit rate.  Physical damage.  Dex is their stat.
Magus:  DD class.  High magic attack and nice AOE potential.  Magic damage.  Int is their stat.

Now, once you have chosen your class, you'll want to level up both of your characters to level 30.  At that point, multi client and do Knight's Jail.  Accept the quest from Medea, I believe.  You'll get a Common Mount Token from it after you kill Hannibal, who is the last boss in the Knight's Jail instance.  You also get five tokens from it which go towards getting special armour sets that give pretty good stats for their price.  You can do this instance up to five times a day.

     You always want to do your quests.  They give really nice rewards.

     This is all you really need to know to really level.  Quest, induction, etc.