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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry that I haven't been posting

     But, I do have something to talk about.  Been contemplating this for a while and it's still in the process of being perfected, but I'm planning on making a FlyFF private server.  It won't be like the rest.  The rates won't be god, but it'll be relatively easy to level.  It will be a server more focussed around social interaction and less around levelling and killing.  It will have a 100% success rate on every upgrade and such, so you can always have +10 stuff.  The awakening system will be slightly different, as well.  It will be a bit more fair than the original FlyFF's, and a lot cheaper.  I'll post a link here once I get the server actually started, which may not be for some time.  I need a steady source of income for the server, and I need to learn some form of coding.

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