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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I need a rant.

Okay, this is directed at the Catholics and Christians out there who think they know their religion like the back of their hand.  Did you know in the Bible it clearly states slavery is okay?  It even promotes it, if my memory serves me.  Most of the historical figures in the Bible actually had multiple wives and a few whores (the proper term for it slips my mind.)  You can even ask most level-headed priests of your faith if the Bible is fact or fiction.  If they know what they're talking about, they'll respond with ''Most of it was fiction written to teach a lesson.''  Your entire religion was founded on killing.  How do you think the Catholics took the Vatican?  The Vatican is its own country, by the way.  Your Bible also focuses heavily on demeaning women, homosexuals, blacks, asians, and anything that isn't a white homosexual male.  All of you lesbian, gay, etc., etc. Catholics and Christians strongly believe you're all going to hell.  Any person who's had sex with more than one person of the opposite gender is also going to hell.  Anyone who's ever said ''OMG'' is going to hell.  Anyone who's ever stole, no matter how little, is going to hell.  Anyone who's been married more than one time is going to hell.  Your church doesn't even believe divorce exists.  If you live in a modern world and follow the modern world's rules and regulations, you're going to hell.  In fact, I think the only people who aren't going to hell are straight white males who abide the law perfectly.  If you want to go by the version of the Bible that your church originally founded itself on, you can't repent.  God hates you.  God hates you all.  All of you ''good'' Christians and Catholics out there, look at your life.  Do you support homosexuality?  Are you okay with cheating?  Stealing?  Lying?  Anything along those lines?  Have you DONE any of these things?  Hell is where you'll be residing.  I hope I've either offended, pissed off, moved, or relieved some of you in this, because this is all true to my own knowledge.  And if it isn't, I guess I'm going to hell, aren't I?  Ignorance is no excuse for a police officer, nor is it for your all-loving all-knowing ''God.''


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about 'god' and how all of its true and a while ago me and my two friends had a huge argument (quite hilarious) about this subject and all i really believe in is just be a good person , live life, have fun, leave no regrets and when you die, well...thats another adventure, your afterlife. because really? no one knows where you're going to end up afterwards because they're all...well, dead. :3 This has answered a lot of things for me.

Entsport said...

This is why I don't do religion! contradiction in the highest form if you ask me! glad to hear that someone else out there has the same sort of views as I do, good job!

MynameisEarl said...

Tell me something I don't know... I don't understand why my parents still put me up with church services, I said to them before that I don't believe in the "Catholic Church".

Here's a little test that you can do to other devout Christians mate:

"What does the word 'church' mean?"

If they answer anything other than "a collective/gathering of people" then they know nothing.

My 2 cents.

G. Litenin said...

Most of them have no idea what the word Bible even means.