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Friday, June 29, 2012


The entertainers today are getting worse and worse.  It all started with Elvis, when he started watering down black music to make it safe for white people.  That's all he did, folks.  Then the big pop artists started coming in and making music softer and softer.  It's annoying to think of the great music we could have today if we hadn't had all of these ''rockers'' come into the scene and water it down for the increasing amount of political correctness.  This shit has gone on far too long for my taste.  What happened to plain language?  I may not have been alive when it was around, but I sure as hell prefer it.  Especially since most of the time we're just trying to conquer racism against niggers and indians by being racist to crackers and chinks.  That's all we're trying to do, damn it.  Have you noticed that moronically incompetent niggers get jobs over decently competent anyone else?  It's annoying to think that simply because a company doesn't want to appear ''racially insensitive'' that they give a dumb ass a job over an intelligent person.  Now, I'm not saying the white guy should always get the job over the black guy.  But if the white guy scores higher than the black guy, let him have the job.  Same rule applies vice versa.  If we want true equality, let's start actually trying for it, eh?

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