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Friday, June 8, 2012


Am I the only person who thinks there should be a few more of them?  I mean, I was bullied most of my school years, but I didn't give a fuck.  I gave them more reasons to bully me.  I mean, why not?  Hell, give them ammo for the hell of it to see how they use it.  Seriously, though, the people who get bullied and commit suicide over it deserve to die.  I may sound hostile because of that, but man, it's true.  If you feel that other people simply teasing you or throwing you in a trash can or even beating you is worth ending your life, then you're a fucking idiot.  Grow some balls, even though I know that doesn't happen in this society.  If you want it to stop, kick him in the balls.  Seriously, kick him in his god damned nuts and end his genetic malformation for the rest of history. You might save some kid's life in the future.  Who knows, if he grows up and has kids, the kid might turn out to be a mass murderer or a serial killer.  You'll be an upstanding member of society for this!  Seriously, though, defend yourself to the bully by hurting the bully worse than he hurt you, don't hurt yourself more.  Don't you see the faulty logic there?  ''Oh, this guy's hurting me at school so I'm going to cause myself more physical pain and possibly end my life!''  Yeah, sounds like perfect logic.  Grow up and grow a pair.

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