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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Weekend

     I haven't been posting anything lately because I've been busy.  I had band practice Tuesday and Thursday, along with a football game Friday.  All of them left me mentally drained, so I'll just post the stuff here.  My band teacher decided to have someone else learn my marching spot, which made me slightly angry because it was a Freshman he taught it to.  But oh well, that's life I guess.  Aside that I've just been playing a lot of MineCraft and Jade Dynasty.  I managed to hit 44 in two days on JD, and my MineCraft server I normally play on has been crashing five times an hour.  Thinking about levelling up my RuneScape account's wood cutting level so when/if I get membership I can construct some nice things.  A lot of music, as well.  Finished off my playlist for The Dirty Heads yesterday.  My YouTube channel is glitenin if you want to check out the playlist.  It's got their album Any Port in a Storm.

So, in all, that's everything that's been going on with me.  If you want to add me on MineCraft, my server is, and my Jade Dynasty name is Dehba on The Billows server.

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