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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect World Builds

Meh, I'm bored so I figured why not.

     I'm going to start off by saying the simple formula that can be used to figure out any stat.  (Level-1)*(amount of stat per level)/(every one or two levels)+5=How much you should have.  An example would be for a magic class's pure magic build.  The build is 1/9 str/mag.  So if I wanted to figure out how much mag I'd need at level 30, I'd do (30-1)*9/2+5.  I would do 30-1 because you only add in stats at level two and up, I'd do *9 because that's how much mag I'd add in, I'd do /2 because I have to add it in every two levels, and +5 for the points that they allocate to you automatically at level 1.  It sounds complicated, but it's easy once you plug it in.

Barbarian Builds

     I'm starting with barbs because without a barb the squad has no tank.  These builds can be transferred to any class, but are suggested on Barbarians, Blademasters, or Venomancers.

1- Tanking Build
     The build for this is 1 dexterity 3 vitality and 6 strength every other level.  This is the only build I'm listing here because I'll be covering the other builds in other classes (Such as Blademaster and Venomancer.)

     Suggested shards for this build are pure HP shards into gears and Physical Attack shards into your hammers.

     Suggested gears are anything that has -interval between hits.  You'll need it as a Barbarian to build chi to be able to spam Flesh Ream to hold aggro, and extra damage never hurt anyone.

     Suggested skills for this build are maxed True Form, Invoke the Spirit, Beast King's Inspiration, Flesh Ream, Shapeshifting Intensity, Axe/Hammer Mastery, Strength of the Titans, Roar, and Feral Regeneration.

Cleric Builds

     I'm doing these after because Clerics are equally as important as Barbarians since a Barbarian's life without a Cleric is at best a royal pain and at worst impossible.

1- Hybrid Build
     This build is 1 strength, 2 vitality, and 7 strength every two levels.  I'm only doing this build because it is in mine, and everyone else who uses it's, opinion better than any other.  It allows you to take hits from bosses with good base defence and HP making you able to do many things earlier than many pure magic Clerics.

     Suggested shards for this build are HP into your gears and Magic Attack shards into your weapon.

     Suggested gears are anything with -channelling speed.  You'll need it to speed up casting on many important spells

     Suggested skills are Ironheart Blessing, Revive, Purify, Stream of Rejuvination, Regeneration Aura, Plume Shot, Cyclone, Greater Protective Aura, Aegis Spirit, Exalted Renewal, Arcane Empowerment, Metal Mastery, Tempest, Razor Feathers, Plume Shell, Heaven's Wrath, and Wings of Protection.


     As the Venomancer is a very versatile class, being able to play a solo tank or a damage dealing class, I'll be doing this class next.

1- Pure Magic
     The build for this is 1 strength and 9 magic every two levels.  This is the best tanking solo tanking build as you will be able to heal very high on your pet.  A good alternative to this is the Hybrid build for Clerics.  It has a good amount of magic in it, so you'll still be able to heal a good amount.

     Suggested shards are the same as Cleric.

     Suggested gears are the same as Cleric.

     Suggested skills are maxed Venomous Scarab, Metabolic Boost, Nature's Grace, Lending Hand, Heal Pet, Revive Pet, Tame Pet, Soul Transfusion, Summer Sprint, and Wood Mastery.

2- Tank Build

     Identical to the Barbarian's tank build.

     Suggested skills are Pet Heal, Pet Revive, and Tame Pet.

3-  Fox Form (Light Armour)

     The build is 1 dexterity, 1 strength, and 3 magic every level.  This build is good for using Amplify Damage in dungeons as fox form will be your main form.  You won't have to switch between forms every time you want to Amplify. The alternate to this build is 2 strength, and 3 magic every level.  This isn't suggested as you need Accuracy Shards in your weapons, rather than Physical Attack shards because your accuracy will be low with this build, along with the fact that you won't be able to use any armour except for Arcane lowering your total damage output.

     Suggested gears are the same as Barbarian, just Light Armour instead of heavy.  I suggest using the TT99 Light set with the TT99 Heavy necklace/belt as this will provide optimal attacks per second (aps.)

     Suggested shards are the same as Barbarian

     Suggested Skills are maxed Pet Heal, Pet Revive, Tame Pet, Amplify Damage, Purge, Fox Form, and Melee Mastery.  The fox form attack skills are completely optional.
          I'm going to do these last classes in order of my own favour since they're all Damage Dealers and thereby can be easily exchanged for each other without much sacrifice aside a few minutes.


1- Pure Dexterity

     The build for this is 1 strength and 4 dexterity every level.

     Suggested gear is the same as the Light Armour Venomancer

     Suggested shards are the same as the Light Armour Venomancer

     Suggested skills are Blazing Arrow, Wings of Protection, Sharpened Tooth Arrow, Winged Blessing, Bow Mastery, Winged Shell, Barrage of Arrows, and Wings of Grace.  I do HIGHLY suggest going sage for this since Sharpened Tooth Arrow is better at the sage version than the demon, but this is just a suggestion.


1- Hybrid

    Everything except skills are the same as the Cleric's Hybrid build

    Suggested skills are Glacial Embrace, Black Ice Dragon Strike, Wellspring Quaff, Essential Sutra, Distance Shrink, Pyrogram, Gush, Stone Rain, and all Elemental Masteries.


     Ahh, finally time for the Blademaster.  I honestly love the Blademaster class, but there are so many different builds and options I wanted to save this for last because I wanted to avoid doing this because of the sheer number of builds...  But here we go.  But before I start, I want to state that all of these skills will be on every build.  Heaven's Flame, Diamond Sutra,  Aura of the Golden Bell, Steam Strike (for tanking purposes), Both Alter Marrows, Cloud Sprint, Will of the Bodhisattva.  I'm only saying these now to save myself some precious time.

1- Axe builds

1-1 Pure str

     The build for this is 1 dex and 9 strength every two levels.

     The suggested gears and shards are identical to the Barbarian

     Suggested skills are all above and the Axe Skills.

2- Fist Build

    The build for this is 2 dex and 3 str every level.

    Suggested gear and shards are identical to the Barbarian

    Suggested skills are above along with Fist Skills

3- Pole Build

    The build for this is 1 dexterity and 4 strength every level

    Suggested gear and shards are identical to the Barbarian

    Suggested skills are all above and Pole skills.

4- Sword Build

     The build is 3 dexterity and 7 strength every 2 levels

     Suggested gear and shards are identical to the Barbarian

     Suggested skills are all above and Sword skills.
Everything mentioned above is just a suggestion, you can make modifications to fit you since everyone plays differently.  Thank you for reading my guide and I guess I'll see you guys later.

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