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Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, I've been thinking...

     What if the world as we know it doesn't really exist?  What if it's just a collection of hallucinations that people have seen over the years and psychologically transmitted to other beings we call ''humans?''  I mean, what if the world's just a flat, barren wasteland and all of the things we see on a day-to-day basis are just imagined?  All of the sights, sound, everything that we readily hear are just the past imaginations of people?  I'm starting to believe this because wishful thinking has taken a big toll on my life.  I mean, just about everything that I hope will happen, happens.  Bad or good.  It's getting to me.  The computer you're sitting at while reading this was made of parts that were made of materials that were hallucinated by a being that came centuries before you.  Every scientific property of anything known to man was put like that because some being years and years ago wanted it like that, and we've just had to follow what that being wanted.  Animals don't exist, nor do trees, nor do any objects you care about, animate or inanimate, aside intelligent beings.  (This is what I think about in my spare time...  I really need to get a life.)

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