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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Orange Dream

What happened?
That time when we were so close...
Is it that it never mattered?
No, it couldn't be, this I know

When I feel those words you speak
Softly running through every muscle in my body
The smell of you now feels so meek
Even though my senses are quite shoddy
I know that it couldn't have been a lie

Those words which feeling belong to me
The smell, which touched me ever so tender
Is beginning to render old memories
Like an Orange Dreamsicle, just out of the blender

Then again, I guess I've lived a dream
Just one day too long
And I'm hoping that it's not just an exaggerated gleam
I'm hoping this dream isn't wrong

I'm hoping one day I can live it
Even if it's just for an hour
I'd be happy even for a minute
Guess it's time for one more cold shower...

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