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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jobs and Speculation.

    Can I get away with one more bitching about the baby boomers?  Then again, I don't actually remember if I posted anything about them on here.  They're a pretty easy group to bitch about, so I probably have.  Either way, they've been pissing me off lately.  From what I can tell from a ten second google search, most of these people, if not all of them, are retired.  Why, then, do they assume to know everything about the current job market, as well as their current standards for looks?  From what I recall, not many jobs really care all that much outside of McDonalds not allowing beards.  Someone told me they don't allow that, anyway.  Health reason, though.  Other than that, I've seen men with hair down to their ass, graphic t-shirts, and long beards.  Granted, you can't go on facebook and spew racist shit and expect to keep your job.  Hell, even Gilbert Gottfried got fired from his job as the Aflac duck for saying something or other on twitter or some other social media website.  They hired a stand-up comedian who's known for saying offensive shit, and fired him for saying offensive shit.  Makes sense.  But, for the most part, the higher-up jobs (anything that requires a college degree) don't really care as long as you're clean.  This is all speculation, mind you, but I've seen people who look like stoners working in pretty good jobs within these fields, so I can only assume that they care more about you being easy to work with than you wearing a t-shirt with the angel of death on it while growing your hair down to your ankles.  Speculation's fun, isn't it?  It's a nice hobby of mine.

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