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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Moderately Irrelevant Topics!

So, it's already been a long while since I've posted here, mostly because I've been saving some of these for my podcast.  That podcast still hasn't started, so I'll just talk about them here.

For those of you who haven't heard yet (all four of you who actually read this), there was a new Christian movie that came out.  It was about three weeks ago or so, I think.  That's when I heard about it.  It's a movie about how some kids want to start a Bible group in their school, and they were refused because they couldn't get a teacher to back them or something.  My only question about the movie is where it would happen, because I've never heard of this happening in real life.  The US Christian population in 2013 was 77 percent.  That's almost 8 out of 10 people.  When would this happen?

Onto the real topic that actually happened, though.  Two atheist teenagers wanted to start a secular club in their school.  They didn't feel like they fit in anywhere, so they wanted to make a place where they could fit in.  Solving a problem they saw.  The school's principal told them no, because the group... wouldn't fit in.  Yeah.  They didn't feel like they fit in, and were told no when they wanted to make a place to fit in because that place wouldn't fit in.  I'm not sure whether or not that sentence made sense, but that train of thought makes my brain hurt.  That thought process makes no sense.  That's like telling a few D&D nerds in high school that they can't play D&D after school because they don't fit in during school.  The two siblings who requested the group then contacted the Secular Student Alliance (SSH) and told them about the problem.  The SSH then wrote a letter to the school telling the principal to let them have the group, which he ignored.  Then the ACLU got involved and the superintendent said to let them have the club.  You don't fuck with the ACLU, from what I've seen.

Now, one would think that after contacting the ACLU and getting the stamp of approval from the superintendent, they'd have their club.  Nope.  The community has rallied together to stop these heathen people from making a club where people don't believe in the almighty God!  This is a crock of shit.  She's gotten several threats, as well as people calling her Satan and such, so she doesn't feel safe starting the club.  A civil rights victory turned into a bullying case that didn't even get nearly the media attention that the Amanda Todd case did.  If you google the topic itself you get a ton of articles about how they won, but I haven't found one about they lost yet.  Yeah, I still can't.  Did this paragraph even happen?  It seems like it would.  Yeah, I'm not sure this part happened.  I've tried twenty or so searches, and I've gotten nothing in the first two pages of any of them.  And yes Amanda Todd is perfectly relevant to this discussion.

I find it strange that we're talking about bullying so much here, yet when shit like this might have happened, there's nothing. HAHA!  Finally found it, and this did happen.  She was called a dumb cunt bitch, as well as Satan by a Christian girl.  She was also fearful for her family.  All of the donations to the two teens were returned, and the group didn't even have its first meeting.  This Kalei Wilson character does look like she's up to no good, though.  That innocent smile, and her completely colorful clothing sure is suspicious.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

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