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Friday, March 21, 2014

Fred Phelps is Dead. It's okay to be happy, but nothing will change.

I saw the news report earlier today that Fred Phelps died.  I don't care all that much (yet I'm writing about it), but I have to say that nothing's going to change.  That's like saying that Christianity died off with Jesus.  The church will probably continue their picketing at military, gay-rights activists, and gay people's funerals.  His family will miss him, and they'll probably take a week off.  I've also heard that he was excommunicated (need verification, not looking for it, I don't care) from the Westboro church.  That kind of reminds me when the KKK supposedly told them to cool their tits on all of this shit.  It seems like he'd gotten so hateful that the hategroup he founded didn't even want him anymore.  Also, can I say that I hope someone pickets his funeral?  I just want to see the look on his family's face when they get that shit.

I also find it kind of funny that on the Huffington Post article about his death they're not having a "FUCK YES!" reaction to this.  So many people hated him, and now that he's dead people are forgiving him.  Mostly so they don't "stoop to his level" and hate other people.  I don't see why they care.  They picketed funerals where, I'd assume, the families were grieving their loss.  These are people, not just a person, who care about a family's grief only so that they can make it worse for no good reason.  I know I said I wish they'd picket his funeral, but that's both sarcastic and my love of irony.  I have no true concern for the man, or his family.  He was a terrible man in life, and in death his legacy will be remembered for a while at the very least.  The funeral comments aren't unexpected, regardless of what I said.  They did the same thing with Michael Jackson, and probably with Hitler (I'm only 20, I don't remember this.)  Either way, he's dead, the church will continue, and it's fine to feel good about it.

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