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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The News

What happened to the news?  It used to be a viable source of information as to how the world's doing.  Now it's just a place to figure out what's happening in celebrities lives.  I went on Yahoo to find a good thing in the news to write about.  I kid you not, the front story was ''Justin Bieber asks a lucky girl on a date.''  Since when is this news?  Who cares who some random boy-band type celebrity asked someone on a date?  Doesn't he already have a girl he impregnated?  It's stupid in my opinion.  There's no point in writing this crap for everyone to see.  Another thing is when they report on a famous person's drug problems.  That's their problem, not mine.  Let 'em burn down a tree while they're smoking crack like that swimsuit model.  Just make sure they're still in there while it's burning.  Another headline in the news was some school that made a typo.  Instead of ''Public'' they typed ''Pubic''.  Now, I don't personally care, nor do I find it funny.  This is just a simple error that someone made because they're humans.  People make mistakes every day, it's not uncommon at all.  I don't know, I guess I'm the odd ball out when I find these things strange or stupid.  Who knows, maybe none of us are normal.  Maybe we're all just completely crazy to everyone else around us, just like everyone else.  I don't know, but I know I don't have anything else to say related to the dumb-ass news, so I'll say my goodbye to you all.

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