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Friday, May 18, 2012

Monogamy and apologies

Okay, another rant blog.  Why don't you people realize that humans aren't monogamous?  It's kind of obvious we aren't.  I mean, sure, some of us do stay with one person and never cheat, yada yada, but we don't only think of one person.  No one does, it's just a fact.  Personally, I just want to be my girl's first and last.  I believe that as long as they're coming home to you at night, there's nothing wrong.  We're not wolves, we don't mate with only one person in our lives for the most part.  Some of us do, but that's probably why the economy is so bad off.  I do enjoy when a girl's loyal, though.  Not only does it make her a bit more trust-able, but it also stabilizes the economy.  If there's another child brought into this world, think of all the money they'll spend.  Then again, I'll be supporting it, so whatever.  But it's these single parents that just leech off of welfare for a living that really keep the economy in the hole.  Think about it, you've got a single parent who isn't looking for a job, isn't paying taxes, and leeching off a few hundred bucks a month.  Think of what the government could have done with that few hundred, plus what they'd pay in taxes if they weren't on welfare.  I don't know, it just pisses me off to think about this kind of stuff.

Also, you may be wondering where the 'apologies' section of the title came from, if anyone is reading this.  Well, a lot of drama has been stirring up and I haven't had much Internet access thanks to it.  I can't exactly pump out three month's worth of blogs in the twenty minutes I've had the Internet, so yeah.  Sorry about that one, but I'm back in a stable place, so it's all good!  I hope...  Nah, just kidding, it's ALL good in the neighbourhood.  See you guys next time.

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