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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Downfall of Comedy

Did anyone else notice that happening?  We don't have too many good comedians left any more.  It's all people who essentially ride their sexuality or their race to get famous and get a couple of chuckles.  It's pathetic, if you ask me.  Then there's one comedian who got his own show and ONLY shows other people's videos on his show.  Anyone else see something wrong with this?  A lack of original content doesn't impress me at all.  Especially when the content you're using are mainly nut-shots and puking.  It's pathetic, in all honesty.  Then again, most people don't care about what they watch.  After the writer's strike shows started going down hill because the shows realized people would watch anything.  Didn't matter how good the scripting was, they'd watch it.  Which is probably where this all started.  I just want the good old comedians back.  You know, the hostile ones like George Carlin, Dennis Leary, and Richard Pryor.  The really good ones.  I just want to turn on a comedy channel and not see some guy pretending to be gay to get a few laughs, or a Mexican trying to get some chuckles by acting Mexican.  I just want a legitimately good comedian.  Is that really too much to ask for?

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