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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well, I'm not sure how to start this one off, but...  I really don't like the wars we have.  Most of them are useless or not ours.  What happened to ''Speak softly and carry a bit stick?''  That was a good idea.  America didn't need to go to war to get what they wanted, they simply had to threaten it.  A lot less people died, and the world was a lot better off.  America would only go to war if it was necessary, not just because they wanted to.  Another good topic to say is that we're losing our freedoms day by day.  The phone tapping, the ability to lock us up if they even think we're going to commit a crime, airport security...  It's all just a way to control us and fuck with us.  There haven't been many bombings.  We've bombed so many countries, yet we treat it like it's a fucking catastrophe when someone bombs us.  We've NUKED Japan twice, and we still complain about Pearl Harbour.  It's pathetic, if you ask me.  Another thing is the death penalty.  If you're on death row, you're probably not afraid to die.  I say you let the fuckers rot in prison, that's more of a punishment than lethal injection.  When you think about it, though, killing is more bible-oriented than anything.  The bible is loaded with revenge.  It's kind of sad, when you think abut it.  But, more on the war-related topics.  Most wars are fought needlessly, as I've stated before, but more on the other topic.  They're needlessly wasting innocent soldier's lives for no good reason.  Honestly, it's a load of shit.  We have no business being in other countries since there hasn't been a country that's fucked with us in about ten years.  And I'm sick of all of this ''preventive'' shit.  It's nothing useful at all.  Unless you can tell the future, don't try to control other people's futures.  I still do feel sorry for the soldiers that died, but not simply because they died. I feel sorry for them because they

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