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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Titles are for strange people. I am a strange person.

I'm going to be trying to lose weight soon.  I hope it goes through.  I'm also thinking of scheduling myself more rigidly so that I'm not up at 5 AM writing a blog that's going to auto-post at 12 PM.  It's not too good.  Feels weird, too.  But I'll be doing one of those infomercial things that usually don't work.  But, I've got nothing to lose except the weight.  I never really have much to say when I talk about these sorts of things...  I'm not a very positive person most of the time, in case you couldn't tell from my previous posts.  It's just not the kind of guy I am.  Though, earlier, I did get a guy on omegle to fear me within half an hour of meeting me.  It was entertaining. But, I don't really have much to say...  So, I'll see you guys around!

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