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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rambling on.

I'm getting back into paper crafting and origami, so I might be posting those pictures up once I finish projects (if ever, I don't have much paper right now and my knowledge of this shit is limited now that I haven't done it in five years.)  I know I don't normally curse in my blogs, but I got dumped today, so I'm not giving too much of a shit.  I may come through and edit the curse words out later when my head's a bit clearer.  I've also started playing MineCraft again.  I got bored with my other games, so yeah.  I'm trying to do it mod-less because I'm so used of mods now it's crazy, but I do have a mod downloaded that lets me craft things to build, destroy, and mine.  Makes things a lot easier, but it's still not the best thing for me to try and do without mods.  I've also got Invedit to start myself off good, but I don't go overboard with it.  Usually just the materials to make a mining wand since it makes life so much easier.  But, I'm starting to ramble on now.  I'll be posting up pictures of my various adventures on MineCraft when I get the chance.  Cool stuff, normally.  I did find a good seed, though.  I've noticed a recurring trend with seeds.  Niggers is always an amazing seed, and 1.1 hasn't left that trend.  Try it out, all of you MineCrafters out there, it's amazing.  It has a cave near the spawn, and a village.  It's a good starting place.

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