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Monday, September 17, 2012


I'll never understand why rehab is so popular nowadays.  The only thing they do there is limit your consumption of your poison of choice until you're fully off of it.  To my way of thinking, anyone with a good mind should be able to do that on their own.  I mean, it's just weaning, which isn't really worth the money if you ask me.  Anything you can do yourself shouldn't really be paid for.  Especially on something that you'd otherwise be saving money on.  Being addicted to something and then weaning yourself off would save you money in the long run, so why pay someone to help you with it?  I understand that most people can't because they're too weak, but we're enabling worse behaviour by supporting people with weak minds.  It's sort of like the welfare issue that I love to bitch about so much.  We're supporting the wrong types of people.  And I understand that addiction is a difficult thing to overcome solo, but people used to do it all the time.  So why can't we do it now?  I'm confused.

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