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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Now, as we all know cloning replicates your DNA perfectly into another living being.  It doesn't copy the consciousness, though.  The conscious of both beings will remain separate for the entire time they're living.  No matter how hard you try, their memories will be completely different.  If the clone decides it's a good idea to stick his head out of a car going 50 MPH and let his head ping off a light post, then he will have that memory.  If he survives, that is.  The non-cloned individual may have the memory of the clone doing it, but he won't have the same perspective on it that the clone has.  Even if you're participating in the same event both people will have different perspectives of it.  If you both go to the same fair at the same exact time, you'll both see it differently.  Now, having said all of this, this should answer this age-old question.  If you have sex with your clone, is it masturbation or gay sex?  At this point the answer should be obvious.  It's gay sex.  It can't be masturbation as the definition of masturbation states that the same entity must be rubbing its own private areas.  I hope that cleared up the suspicion for most of you men out there that you can have sex with your clone and not be considered gay.  Now I just have to apply logic to whether or not sticking your own dick inside your ass hole is gay sex or masturbation.  I'm assuming masturbation, but I'll give it a little more thought before saying that's a fact.

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