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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pop Punk.

To my knowledge, this is an oxymoron.  I've always thought that punk was supposed to be underground, and pop means it's popular.  That may have been stating the obvious, but I feel the need to, as we're apparently too stupid to realize that punk is functionally incapable of being pop.  Punk is supposed to be against everything mainstream, not be mainstream.  It may seem like I'm dragging this on, but fuck, that's one of the biggest oxymora I can think of.  The only one that's music related I can think of is soft rock.  Rock is supposed to be hard, that's why they called it rock in the first place.  Metal is supposed to be a harder form of rock, as it is in a real-world context.  Hard rock and soft rock don't exist.  There is Rock, there is Metal, and there's pussy music.  Most of you people listen to the latter of that group.

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