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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'd like to say something about organized religions.  They haven't made sense to me in years.  The reason could be that I grew up in a religion that believed in Jesus.  Now, if you're wondering why that would lead an entire set of religions to confuse me, here's why.  That whole Jesus Messiah Son of God fable is a way for people to pass the punishments of what they have done on someone else.  If you accept Jesus as your lord and saviour you're going to get into heaven.  I find that fairly immoral.  Passing the punishment for your own wrong doings onto someone else while you still get the bonus of doing it?  Why can't we do that in real life?  It seems like it would really help a lot of us out.  Then again, it wouldn't really help out the people who don't deserve to be in jail.  The ones who are just out living their daily lives and get mugged, raped, etcetera.  They would get really screwed over because the people who should be in jail for serious shit would be out roaming around repeatedly doing the thing they should be in jail for.  Sounds like fun to me.  It would make life a lot more exciting.  But, to the real downside of this whole Jesus belief.  If someone were a good person.  You know, just did minor sins like lying, taking the lord's name in vain, things of that nature.  The things that really don't harm anyone else.  If they hadn't accepted Jesus as their lord and saviour, they would go to hell.  Seems kind of fucked up to me.  The good person who never gave grief to anyone else gets a life sentence of ass rape, while the guy with 300 confirmed kills gets an express ticket into heaven.  I don't know about you folks, but that seems kind of illogical to me.

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