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Friday, September 7, 2012

Topless Rights for None!

Fuck the shit that's been going around about ''Topless Rights for All!''  As far as I'm concerned no one should be going around topless.  No one does it except for the people lacking in intellect if you haven't noticed, and since those are the people whom I think shouldn't be allowed into the voting booth every fourth November, I don't think they should be walking around.  Much less topless.  That and it just seems like they want to show off their so-called abs.  I don't think this is attractive to anyone any more and should be stopped immediately.  These are the same people who whine when it gets lower than eighty degrees, also.  They say it's too cold.  Maybe if they wouldn't walk around all year with their shirt off like the moron they are it wouldn't feel as cold.  Hell, some of them even walk outside without a shirt mid-winter just so they can complain about how cold it is.  I'll never understand this, honestly.  Why would people intentionally do something they know will make them uncomfortable and then feel the need to bitch about it?  Seems fairly useless to me.

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