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Monday, September 3, 2012


Most of us have noticed by now that intelligence as a whole is spiralling downward for quite a time now.  It's not that our species is getting dumber for no good reason, it's because we hate our young people having to suffer actual consequences.  Because of this we've made almost everything easier to deal with, especially school.  The passing grades are being lowered every year or so.  Another good reason that this intellectual decline has been going on is because most of the smarter people are waiting for the economy to get better, while the really stupid ones are fucking anything that walks.  That causes more children to be born through stupid parents who teach their children nothing but how to live off of the system.  End welfare, and this would be gone.  I mean, without welfare these stupid parents wouldn't  have a reason to have thirty kids.  They'd have a reason to not even have one, when you think about it.  I mean, without welfare and food stamps they'd be forced to work to pay for themselves.  That seems like a horrifying reality to those people, but an amazing one to anyone else.  I personally enjoy the idea because it involves lazy people from a first world country suffering over minor things.  I've always loved that.

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