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Monday, July 9, 2012


Since I've done a couple of blogs on Christians, I think it's time to do one on Atheists.  The ones who just jump on that squeaky old wagon we call band and then have to shout their grievances about God loud enough to be heard over said wagon piss everyone off.  They're the exact same as the Christians who do it.  It's annoying no matter what group of people it's supporting.  Doesn't matter if it's Buddhism, Christianity, Atheism or the Men Without Hats, it's annoying.  Just because you believe in something they feel the need to bring you down.  I have nothing against believers as long as they keep their religious belief away from my eardrums.  Another thing that pisses just about everyone off about these atheists is that they haven't read the bible.  One hundred percent of the time you meet an atheist like this they haven't read the entire bible front to back, they're just spewing hate about something for the sheer want to spew hate.  I may not announce myself to be part of any of these religions, but I do believe that, when in the right hands, religion can be a powerful and good thing.  Just as with everything else, it can be an extremely good thing.  But it has never been in the hands of a good person.  Aside the person who made the religion.  I believe after the person who founded the religion dies, it should be shut down permanently.  If someone wants to bring up a new church with the same beliefs, fine, but it should be shut down and forced to choose a new name if that's the case.  Just as one of the founding fathers believed that the constitution should be re-written every nineteen years, I believe that religions should be shut down after their makers are dead.  This does include atheism, by the way.

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