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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Online Game Botting

Now, I'm not here to whine about the botters.  I'm here to bitch about the people who whine about botters.  It makes no sense, honestly.  I can understand that it makes you lag, but you can just switch around to different places on the most commonly botted game and be fine.  The next biggest argument is that it ''lowers the meaning of their achievements in the game.''  If you feel it does, then you're really stupid.  Achievements are supposed to make you feel good, and just because a bunch of people got a machine to do it for them doesn't mean you doing it means any less to you.  Whenever I play a game, if I achieve something legitimately, I still feel a slight ounce of pride in what I did.  I may not brag about it, but it still feels good.  Even though one of the main games I play has been infiltrated with people who pay other people to level them up, I still feel good when I hit level sixty.  It feels like an achievement.  Just because a lot of other people are up in the hundreds, even some at the maximum level, it doesn't make it any less of an achievement to hit level sixty on a difficult character to do so on.  That's all I'm saying here, folks.  If you let other people illegitimately obtaining a certain achievement in anything make it sound like less of an achievement for you, you're worse off than I.

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