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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Homosexual Morons

Before you get all of your panties in a knot, you're not all idiots.  Just some of you.  75% of the homosexuals I know, to be precise.  It's the ones who decide to get tattoos stating that they're of the Abrahamic faiths that piss me off to no end.  The ones who get tattoos saying ''Only God can judge me.'' and things like that.  After reading most of the major faith's ''holy'' texts, I've come to the conclusion that God will judge you fairly negatively.  Now, I myself am not without sin, but I'm not running around fucking everything I see, I'm very rarely breaking any of the ten commandments, in fact.  Not because I am of any of these faiths, but because I just don't do that kind of shit.  But, back onto the topic of these morons.  Why would you be of a faith that clearly tells you to piss off?  The people of this faith are the ones who are mainly killing you guys, so why would you associate with the group that tells them to?  It seems counter-productive in my own opinion.  Then again, I could be wrong on this topic, I don't honestly know.  I just know that I wouldn't be associate with sick people if I had obsessive compulsive disorder.  I guess you can make your own choices, even though the characteristic you choose to show so bluntly is no personal choice to the majority of you.

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