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Monday, July 16, 2012


I'll never understand the point in stealing other people's material.  I can understand emulating the style, but straight out stealing the material is kind of stupid, don't you think?  Comedy is supposed to be drawn from the little world and the big world, not from another comedian.  And I know that there's nothing left to say that's truly original.  Every idea's been said before in one way or another.  Even the most random thing you can think of has been said with the same idea behind it.  New inventions?  Complete and utter nonsense?  My dick's shrivelled up?  All of it's been said.  Maybe not word for word of what you said, but the general idea has been said many times over.  But even with this knowledge, you should still write your own acts.  Draw from your own experiences and observations.  I'm not saying this because anyone's done this to me.  Hell, if they had I'd consider them an idiot for picking me in particular.  I'm saying it because I'm sick of hearing the same stuff over and over again.  Original content is key to keeping fans, people.  When people realize you're just stealing word for word what another comedian did, they'll leave quickly.  And chances are, they won't be coming back.

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