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Friday, July 13, 2012


Teachers have always been a big source of complaints amongst the masses.  Kids complain about their teachers and parents complain about their kid's teachers.  But, there are a few different points that I wish to express.  The first one is that a lot of teachers complain about their pay rates.  This makes no sense to me since most of the teachers who complain about it are the ones who don't do much to begin with.  Mainly because they don't actually like the job they've chosen.  They got into teaching because they were told it pays good money, which as we all know by now isn't true.  They may have gotten paid proportionally more in the past, but their pay has been going down.  Now, back to the teachers who complain.  They're usually the ones who don't do much in the classroom and are just, in general, glorified babysitters.  They stand up, give a lecture, pass out a worksheet, and then sit down.  They don't bother asking if the students know the material, which is part of their job description.  The ones who actually care about the students are usually the ones who are content with their careers and are fine with their own pay.  These are usually the ones who are treated truly unfairly.

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