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Friday, July 27, 2012


In my constant pursuit to find things to bitch about in this society, the one thing that comes up more than any other is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  Now, I do believe it exists, but I don't believe that there are as many people who have it as are stated.  Your kid being hyper and unfocussed isn't necessarily ADD.  It could just mean you're a bad parent, and most of the time it does.  Or it could just mean he's a perfectly normal child and you're an idiot, which it is a lot of the time.  Just because your kid likes to climb trees, jump around, and generally annoy you it doesn't mean there's anything mentally wrong with them.  It usually means the opposite.  Kids thrive on attention, it's a well-known fact.  They love getting attention, and if they can only get it by being a ''bad'' kid then god damn it, they'll be a bad kid.  If you never give your kid attention for the good things he does, he'll never do them.  I'm being redundantly redundant in this post because I'm trying to drill this into your heads.  They don't have the mental capacity to realize that if you don't get attention it's because you're doing good.  They don't realize not being punished is better than being punished until they're actually punished.  They can't look ahead as well as we can, so they don't realize that ''Hey, if I cut my mom's pinkie toe off, I might get in some serious trouble!''  They see it as ''Hey, if I cut my mommy's big toe off she'll pay attention to me for once in my life!''  See the dilemma?  Give your kid a hug now and again, it'll probably save you on drugs now, and therapy later on in life.

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