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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Venture into the Big World

I personally think we should start temporarily fixing babies from birth and not undo it until they can prove themselves to be worthy people in society.  Mainly to stop this bitching about teen pregnancies.  If you really think about it the people who're having all of these babies are people who shouldn't be allowed to reproduce in the first place.  The third generation welfare recipients.  These people will most likely amount to nothing in the long run and shouldn't be allowed to pass on their fucked up DNA for one more generation.  Stop the infection before it's too late.  Then again, when you think about it, it's already too late.  More of our citizens are complete morons than even decently intellectual people.  I've nothing against street musicians nor McDonalds workers since they're actually working.  If you think the former instance isn't, then you think none of your favourite musicians are.  They're doing the same thing, just reversed.  Rather than charging you to listen, they're asking for pay if you like them.  I think that's more respectable, in a way.  But back onto our gene pool which should either have chlorine or an immortal life guard, I personally think if we did the fixing for one generation our population would show some positive increases.  Maybe not in number, which is all the government is really worried about, but in intellectuality.  We would have more intelligent people who're working for their money and less idiots who're feeding from the system.  Seems like a good trade to me.  Ending welfare on good terms and, hopefully, causing the rest of us to pay less in taxes.  Then again, we'll probably pay the same amount, but it'll be going somewhere else that's useless.

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