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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It was all a hoax!

I've been getting called a conspiracy theorist lately because I've noticed certain things about different things.  The main one is that I've noticed that a game called Slender, based on the Slenderman, is a lot like life.  In Slender, you avoid the Slenderman to grab his eight pages and then get abducted in the end anyway.  In life you avoid death to collect memories and then die anyway.  I've told a few people that and they called me a conspiracy theorist, paranoid, and other, very similar, things.  Just because someone notices a similarity between a game and life doesn't make them a conspiracy theorist, it makes them somewhat observant.  Conspiracy theorists are the people who think that NASA's moon landing, the JFK shooting, and shit like that were government schemes.  That is a true conspiracy theorist.  Also, I'd like to say that if the government did fake the moon landing, they'd have had the funding to do another one by now.  I don't care whether or not the government made it to the moon or not, it doesn't bother me.  If they want to lie to the public who actually gives a shit, be my guest.  I don't believe they didn't, I don't believe they did, I just believe that I don't really give a fuck what happened when we (possibly) landed on the moon.

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