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Friday, August 17, 2012


Putting your kids on birth control isn't giving them a way to have safe sex, it's giving them a way to have sex without the consequences that will be thrown on them and, mostly, you.  You have to understand that it's your own fear of having to raise your child's child that's making you do this.  If you really don't want your kids to have sex go protest and attempt to make it where you have to be eighteen, and show ID, to buy birth control.  That includes condoms.  Especially condoms.  I'd say that it's for rape reasons, but what rapist wears a condom?  They don't.  It's more understandable if you live in a bad neighbourhood where rape is common and you want your kid to not get pregnant from that.  That's an actual excuse.  Just not wanting your kid to go out and have sex with anything that moves and get pregnant from it is not an excuse.  So is your kid's period being unbearably painful, which I know happens.  If your kid doesn't have either of those, they shouldn't be within 50 feet of any little blue pills.  Another fear you people have is of your kids suffering consequences for anything.  Keeping your children in a protective bubble where consequences don't exists is bad for their mental health.  It's just like those sporting events where the losing team gets a trophy for showing up.  It doesn't happen in the real world, don't keep them in a fantasy.  Then again, I guess the whole Santa myth and other similar stories allowed these little false worlds shine through without much question, but we should keep religion and sex separate.  Most religions don't support it unless you're married in the first place, and sharing the fantasy attitude with religion is combining them in some, very loose, way.

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