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Friday, August 10, 2012


I'd like to ask all of you gamers a question.  If something is available, effectively and efficiently, to every character that is made, then why is it overpowered?  It seems to me that if anyone can get it then it can't be overpowered.  It just doesn't make sense at all.  To me, at least.  If anyone can get it, then it seems to me that it's on just the right power level.  The one that everyone else has, too.  If they all put the same amount of work into it, then they can get that same thing.  So how can it be overpowered?  It can't be.  Overpowered is a term assigned to something where a certain class, and only that certain class, or maybe a couple of others, can obtain something that most other classes can't get.  A good example of this is on an MMO that I play.  Only two classes can effectively get to hit five times a second.  The others can't, which puts them at a severe disadvantage.  That is overpowered.  Getting nice armour that anyone can wear isn't.  It just means they've put more work into whatever it is they're playing than you have.  Don't complain if you only put two hours of work into something and don't become the most powerful person on the game or server that you're playing.  You are a weak minded individual who deserves to be banned or, preferably, shot.

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