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Monday, August 27, 2012


When you think about it, almost everything in the world does it.  Hell, even the standard QWERTY keyboard does it.  Think about it, you're always using more keys on the right hand side of the keyboard than the left, aren't you?  At least most of the time.  We make just about everything to conform to the normalities of the majority rather than the minority to increase total happiness.  Even though that isn't necessarily a good thing.  Just because on person is happy enough to make up for the rest of us doesn't mean it's necessarily good.  It may be good for that one person, but not for anyone else.  The one happiest person would also have to be an extreme dick when you think about it.  Who could be so happy when everyone else around him is so sad?  It wouldn't make sense to me.  Personally, I'd feel at least a little shitty that everyone else around me is miserable.  Especially if the whole reason they're miserable is to make me happy.  But, back on topic.  I'm also extremely sick and tired of black people who play the race card nowadays.  I think we've outgrown that whole idea.  When you think about it, in the areas where black people play it the most they have it better than any other race.  This is because in what ever they're doing, if they don't get tip-top service they threaten to sue them for being racially insensitive.  I've seen it happen.  I'm not pinning this on all of the black people out there, just the ones who will seriously pull the race card in order to get special treatment.  I've actually known people who've hired black people who are illiterate and, more importantly, ass holes just because they were afraid of the race card being pulled.  People nowadays believe anything they're told by a high number of people, so the company's afraid if they don't hire one ass hole black then people will start boycotting them.  This is one of the best examples I can come up with to say why our society is downgrading so quickly.

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