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Friday, August 3, 2012


I've been a smoker for about a year now and I've been wondering this.  Why is it that stores in some states aren't allowed to just give match books out?  They do normally discount your cigarettes ten cents if you do buy them to cover the cost since they usually just hand them out.  I mean, how much tax can the government really collect on a match book?  But that's not my real problem with this.  My real problem with them being unable to give them out is that the homeless people can't grab one and go light their can fires to cook their food.  We have a war on homelessness and a homeless guy can't even get a match book for free.  That's kind of against what you'd expect from this, isn't it?  Such a basic thing isn't even free any more.  The excuse for this I've read was that they want to collect taxes on the match books.  Seven percent of ten cents is $0.007, which isn't even a penny.  And now with most people smoking cigarettes rather than cigars they don't even use matches, they use lighters since taste doesn't really matter on a cigarette.  I'll always view this species with wonder, I swear...

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