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Friday, August 24, 2012


Political ones, to be precise.  I think they're a load of horse shit.  They've caused us to go from a state of wanting to do something good for the country to wanting our team to win, which isn't a good thing.  Most people don't realize that if they don't like a certain candidate they can switch parties and not tell anyone.  They feel that the presidential, and other, elections are sporting events in which they are active team members of, and thanks to this they want to be in the team that has the best chance to win so they can tell their Democratic neighbours to suck it and die in a hole.  Their decisions and reactions are most similar to American football events rather than actual important things.  I find this a bit sad.  Not much, but a bit.  I personally believe that if you're willing to make a decision in relation to a problem without hearing the actual problem there is something very wrong with you.  This ties in very well with religion, as religious folks tend to lean towards that form of decision making.  This really limits the amount of critical thinking done by the general public, which is a good thing to the eyes of politicians.  Just to point this out, it's really a bad thing.  I know that quite a few people agree with a politician on everything, so I feel the need to point this simple fact out to those sorry people.  Some people will be in a constant state of needing to learn how to make their own decisions, which is okay with me.  I don't really care how the presidential elections turn out, as long as I get to keep my internet, my food, and my drinks.  Oh, and my clothes.  Those will probably be gone with the right politician in office.

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